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I'm watching The Transporter right now. It's good.
I've never seen it before. I'm not big on action movies. But the second one comes out tuesday and i decided that if i'm going to watch it (rented it tonight), I should see the first one. So here I am, creating this community with it on. The car scenes are pretty cool and the guy - Jason Stratham - is awesome.
Right Now it's on the scene where they're rutting around in the oil and fighting... It's pretty cool. Beautifully choreographed and the trouble they're having grabbing him and his slipping and sliding are fun.

Lizzy and I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose tonight.
It was good. I think I might have liked it better this time than I liked it in theaters. And I liked it then, too. I want to find out more about the actess that played Emily. I wonder if she's been in anything else...

Last Night, I watched Equilibrium.
Christian Bale is sex personified. How I had not seen this movie before, I do not know. The action was good, the plot was pleasently original without being too new, and... did I mention how much I love Christian Bale?

Movies Currently waiting to be watched:
Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth one)
American Psycho
Transporter 2
Hustle and Flow

And I'm hoping to buy, with Christmas Money/GiftCards
Red Eye
Wedding Crashers
Brothers Grimm
Mr and Mrs Smith
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