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at work today

Today at Blockbuster, I was present for at least part of 3 movies.

The first was The Incredibles. I love this movie. It's cute. I came in near the part where Syndrome is discussing his evil plot. I love Jason Lee and think he is perfect in that role.

As I was leaving, Coneheads was on. The only part I really saw was the 'eating toilet paper' part. I'm not sure if this movie was appropriate to have on. We weren't allowed to watch 'the Goonies' because of the statue-penis bit. But we can watch one where they chew condoms like bubblegum? The new guy put it on. The mod said it was fine. I was leaving, so I didn't really care.

While I was working, we put on Newsies. I have watched this movie probably 2 dozen times in the past month. I am nowhere near sick of it. Some guy came in and started talking shit on it. I looked at what he had and it was a couple I'd never seen and an Anime. I had to keep reminding myself, 'he's a customer, don't talk shit back. He's a customer, be nice'
Anyway, I love Newsies. I love Christian Bale. I love when he steals the horse and rides through new york singing about Santa Fe. My favorite song is 'King of New York'. I still sing along to the line 'tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it, but I was a star for one whole minute!' The new guy, Greg, had never seen it and was glad to see it, apparently a good friend of his told him he had to watch it. And Adam, the shift leader with about as much training as shiftleader as I have, continues to love this movie. Mostly for Christian Bale I think. He's always cool with me putting it on. This is good, cuz the rest of my co-workers (all 2 of them, ok there were 3 but one's gone now) refuse to let me put it on anymore. Harumph.

Anyway, School Started, I worked, and then I met up with an old... well, she was my best friend once. So I didn't get to watch anything I have rented. I'm way too tired now. I have the afternoon off tomorrow, though, so maybe I'll watch Transporter 2, or Pride and Prejudice, or Hustle and Flow. If lizzy wants, maybe we'll watch stealth or creep. I think I should return Deliverance. I don't think I'm ever going to watch it.
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