February 11th, 2006


Saturday Night life

Ah, Orlando Bloom. He is just so goddamn cute. He was cute as the stupid pussy little son of a bitch that gets his brother killed in Troy, so when he plays a character that you actually like, he's just damned loveable. In Elizabethtown, the British heartthrob makes a mistake bigger than getting his arse kicked and letting Eric Bana die : he plays an american. He ditches the British you-know-you-want-to-shag-me Accent and I missed it very much. Once you get past the seperation anxiety about the accent - best seen in Pirates of the Carribean (in which the character rules, too), This movie is enjoyable. Kirsten Dunst plays an obnoxious, adorable, interesting character and you actually care about what happens to the characters. All of the acting is really good, the story is relatable, the script is at times funny, at times dramatic. I will admit, I was confused, all the way through the end, about just what the relationship between our two main characters was, but it was fun. Obscure, Choppy 'falling in love' stuff is almost too difficult to follow, but that's just what makes it more like life and less like a contrived movie experience. Susan Sarandon tap dances, and that makes absolutely no sense to me. The portrayal of Kentucky was deliciously spot on, and all of the family interactions were cute. What did i think of the soundtrack? I'll let you know when, oh excuse me, IF i ever get freebird out of my head.

I'm not sure what I should label the link for the next movie I watched last night. I rented Apartment 12, but it was released and listed on IMDb as Life/Drawing. Mark Ruffalo stars in some movie that was actually released back in 2001. Why, then is it newly released on DVD this past week? Something tells me that the arrival of Just Like Heaven, and that makes sense. He really is a good actor, if not extremely well known, and it's good to get this movie out while his name is on people's minds. It's a small, super low budget independent movie and most folks wouldnt give it a second glance. This is, mostly, a mistake. The movie is original, for the most part. Mark Ruffalo's tortured artist who isn't in the groove isn't quite a new role. But other than that there's some interesting ideas that I havent seen explored before. You meet someone who lives in your building, something happens. Great, you live right there. It ends. Uh Oh. This is more or less what the back jacket of the dvd promised me and, though it is a large part of the movie, it's not really what the focus is. The characters are all so much fun, especially the annoying landlord and the creepy spam-cooking neighbor. The main girl is also well played, though I've never seen or heard of her before. Then again, the only person involved in this project that I knew of was Ruffalo. That was enough for me.

It's weird, the sheer amount of movies out there that you never hear about. Take Cake, for example. It's not an extremely unknown cast; Heather Graham, of Austin Powers and Say It Isnt So (who manages to not play a bimbo, convincingly); David Sutcliffe, who I know best from Gilmore Girls (and is so cute); Taye Diggs - a very sexy brother with some great arms and abs; and Sandra Oh, who is very funny in the movies I've seen her in - Princess Diaries being my favorite as well as Sideways. The plot wasn't completely original or surprising, but it was executed nicely. Heather Graham's anti-marriage sprouting party child is cute, if lacking much depth. The romances are sweet though not shocking. I personally liked the girlfriend-friendships, expecially between the two chicks mentioned. It's worth a watch, but I'm pretty glad I didn't know that this movie existed in theaters, cuz it might not be quite worth the cinema-going ordeal, but I did enjoy watching it.


Right Now, I'm watching The Green Mile on ABC. It's edited for tv, so the more horrific parts of the botched electrocution parts werent shown, but other than that and some language, it was a pretty tame R-rated movie. I'm pretty sure that it's also not going to show how Wild Bill killed those two little girls or how John Coffee found them. Again, some pretty brutally graphic images so I might not be so sorry to miss them. Oh, how I hate Percy, and oh, how I hate Wild Bill (love that actor, Sam Rockwell). Somehow, I didn't realize (I'm sure I knew at some point) this is based on a Steven King story. Seems pretty obvious to me, now. The characters, the morals, the weird things flying out of John Coffee's mouth when he heals and whatnot. It's very Steven King. This is an amazing Tom Hanks role. This is the kind of film that deserves to be nominated for (and win!) Oscars. The acting feels real and compelling, the story is unsettlingly profound, and the way it looks is absolutely beautiful. This film makes me cry every time, although lucky for me we haven't reached the part that makes me sob yet. This is one of those movies where, even when it's on TV and it's edited for time and content, and there's commercial breaks after every big thing... I can't stop watching it.
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