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I just finished watching Melinda and Melinda, the newest from Woody Allen.
I don't know if I could say that I liked it. It didn't make me laugh out loud, it didn't make me cry. I never quite cared completely about the characters... So no, I suppose I didn't like it. It wasn't bad, it just didn't do anything for me. I might have to come to terms with the thought that I'm not a huge Woody Allen fan.

Last night I watched Stealth with Lizzy. I actually cared about the characters, and really enjoyed several parts of it. The flying was awesome, and I really wish I'd been able to see it in theaters. Josh Lucas wasn't at his best, but he was very charming and remains very cute (I love those eyes!). Jamie Foxx didn't differ much from what I usually think of his roles as. Jessica Biel was bland at times, but made an awesome 'you go girl!' impression and had the best line of the movie (also the last line): "Just say you love me, you pussy." to Josh Lucas. My favorite part of the movie watching experience was that several times (at least 3), during a 'bad-guy-go-boom' part, the following commentary could be heard from the couch:
me: damn!
Lizzy: Sucks for you.
me: That's what you get for being a bad guy!
both: Laughter
That and, us two jaded females were very bitter at the cuteness of Josh Lucas.
I liked this movie.

Scale of 1-10?
Melinda and Melinda : 4
Stealth : 7 1/2
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