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ok, here we go with some actual reviews...

Just Tonight, I went and saw Fun With Dick and Jane. As happens with comedies (and dramas, to be honest), the funniest parts were in the trailers. I feel okay now that I didn't rush out to watch it right away, but I'm glad I got to see it. Jim Carrey can't quite pull off ::not:: funny, so all in all he was enjoyable to watch. Tea Leoni has bugged me in the past, but I liked her in this. The humour's funny and it isn't overabundantly physical comedy. The dialogue is, at times, very fun. "I think... we should have sex... Saturday." Oh, it was great. All in all, worth watching.

Earlier in the week i rented You Stupid Man. I really hate Denise Richards and she was sufficiently stupid and skanky for my tastes. Turns out I really like Milla Jovovich (who plays another awesomely wacky chick in Dummy. I haven't watched the Resident Evil films, so I'm not judging her based on those, but rather the heart that she gives to the characters I've seen. She's wacky and talkative and, as in Dummy, keeps the movie going at the slower parts. I didn't realize it when I glanced at the coverart while renting it, but the main male character is also an actor whose work i've enjoyed. David Krumholtz is a great actor, but usually he's in less 'main' roles. He usually has a smaller part, and at times I could see why. It almost felt like he didn't feel comfortable holding the whole movie together. But all in all, his character, Owen, was played sweetly and honestly, and I definately wanted to take him home. Even though he really is a Stupid Man. My favorite part was the 'subtitles' at the end of the date... "I'll call you" (Cold Hearted Bitch!) "I'd like that" (Asshole!)... I don't think I'm doing it justice. Just know that it was perfectly executed, and very relateable.

watched at work this past weekend:

finding nemo


shark tale

I can't say which one is my favorite. I can say that Shark Tale isn't. It's funny and all, the voices are all really well done and I like how they managed to incorporate the actors looks into the fishies. The mob-ness of the Shark clan is also quite funny. There are just too many pop-culture references. It get's old after a while. I watched Hercules tonight and theres a bit with 'Air-Herk' sandals... that's funny. Shark Tale takes the idea and runs with it, never quite looking back.
Shrek and Finding Nemo battle in my mind for favourite. I love finding nemo. Ellen Degeneres is so FUCKING awesome. I love Dory and know most every line she says. I love the Turtles. There are bits there that i can't help but talk along with the movie. The sharks are so cool. The fish tank characters are all so great, with the guy from Everybody Loves Raymond as a blowfish, the girl that thinks her reflection is her 'crazy' sister, the guy that tries valiantly to say Shit. the whole ... Mine. MineMineMine... Mine... thing... makes me smile just typing it. Honestly, I think my favorite part of the whole dvd is leaving it on the Menu screen; "I'm so excited, I've always wanted to see The Little Mermaid!"..."Being a movie star would be so glamourous. Where's my trailer? I need water! Fill my trailer with water!" ... It's not that I didn't like Toy Story or Monsters Inc or all those, but I was slightly sketchy about disney. They veered from their standard (Musicals. Really great music) and I was starting to think I would never again find something to rival Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast (or any of the many many other great disney musicals). Finding Nemo replaced my confidence in Disney.
Too bad Chicken Little could only try (though valiantly) to be as good as this, and failed.
But Shrek, man.
Ogres have layers, Onions have layers. This movie has layers, and each time i watch it, it feels like i peel off one more layer. There are so many little things that make this movie great. The whole thing, of course, rocks... The Ogre and the Talking Donkey, the Princess who thinks it should all be done by the book, John Lithgow doind Anything... But there are so many little moments in the film, moments when i would get just a second to look up or to listen and discover something else amazing about it. I can't say enough about how much I love Shrek.

Ok, that's it for now. See ya later!
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