fyiagcg (fyiagcg) wrote in too_many_movies,

ok. some titles.


at work:
Honey, I shrunk the kids, valiant, empire records, corpse bride

in theaters:
Brokeback Mountain, Fun with Dick and Jane, Nanny McPhee, Firewall

at lizzy's:
A time to kill, frailty, lots of house, unconstitutional,
waiting at lizzys:
jarhead, foxfire, fallen,

at home:
elvis has left the building, mirrormask, just friends, rent, prince and me 2

cuz they rule
shrek, mirrormask, just like heaven, million dollar baby, rent, constantine, wedding crashers, 40 year old virgin, bewitched, lady and the tramp, cast away, corpse bride, sisterhood of the traveling pants,
without seeing them
american psycho (yes, I've finally given up and bought it), walk the line, north country (saw it in theaters), domino, pride and prejudice, flight of the phoenix, weather man, happy accidents
for me
bambi 2

waiting to watch here at home:
get shorty, they, philadelphia, breaking dawn, prime, prince and me
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