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ok, ok. I know. A month ago I promised to try to update. I didn't.

Starting now, I am going to keep this up-to-date again.

I've watched several movies of late, that I probably won't get around to reviewing. But as far as a list of Great, OK, and DIDN'T REALLY CARE FOR goes...

Hoodwinked, creep, man with two brains, Finding Nemo, the Ringer, Tristan and Isolde, Just Friends, Nanny McFee, Rent, ...

Herbie fully loaded, Tremors 4, If Only, Family Stone, Last Holiday, Grandma's boy, in the mix, hostel, Cassanova, Fun with Dick and Jane, Just like heaven, Rumor has it, prime, proof, saw 2, Zombie Honeymoon (bordering on great)...

Didn't really care for:
Munich, the Dark, Aeon Flux, Stay (ok, HATED this one), time bandits, bleed ...

ok, that's what I can think of. Like I said, starting :now: I'm going to try to keep this updated regularly. with actual reviews

oh, and great tv = monk, house, Dead like me (finally finished it. boo), Dinosaurs...
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