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Ok, here's some new reviews:

We Have

The Descent

Monkey Business

The Thief Lord

The Ringer

Super Mario Brothers


The Cheetah Girls 2

Lets see lets see...

The Descent:
A horror movie. Was it scary? Yes. Well, Scary enough. The creatures were good and creepy and the blood and gore were just enough to keep my stomach barely in check. My only problem with this flick is that I really couldn't care less about all the backstory. I was ready for the blood gore and creepy creatures about 15 minutes in, but I had to wait almost an hour. I was ready to MOVE ON ALREADY! GET TO THE HORROR!
my advice, wait till it's available on dvd/video, and then fastforward through all the boring character developement.

Monkey Business:
Why is Marilyn Monroe billed as the star of this movie? She had a relatively small part. This bothers me. Other than that, I did love this movie. It's just so much fun. The acting is great, in a way that acting just never manages these days. Cary Grant and Ginger Roberts play 20 year olds and 10 year olds so well, you almost believe that that cute little monkey really did mix up some age-defying formula. Its so much fun, and so wholesome it makes your teeth ache... in a good way.

The Thief Lord:
Was it as good as Harry Potter? No. Was it as horrible as some kids movies out there? Hell No. This was a really fun movie. The little kids starring in it are great little actors. It wasn't extremely memorable, but good enough to be worth the watch.

The Ringer:
This is one of my favorite movies of the past year. it sounds so offensive when you hear the premise: Johnny Knoxville pretends to be retarded to rig the special olympics... But it is so much fun. The guys in the S.O. with him are awesome, and just reinforce the idea that special needs people are amazing. They deserve respect and adoration and that's what this movie gives them, all the bad shit happens to Knoxville, no small part of which can be attributed to the horrible, offensive uncle Gary (played fabulously by Brian Cox). This movie is funny and fun.

Super Mario Brothers:
This movie is so bad is fabulous. John Leguizamo as the love-struck Luigi Mario, and Bob Hoskins in a slightly less-dignified than usual role as Mario Mario. Dennis Hopper plays King Koopa, one evil, egg sucking son of a snake. Some cute blonde chick plays princess Daisy. My favorites are Yoshi and the Goombas. My favorite scene is in the elevator, when Luigi makes the Goombas dance. This movie is just a classic, and no matter how bad it is sometimes, it's just not right for anyone to have not seen it.

A very cute kids movie. I was waiting for the main character to admit to being gay, but other than that it was serious-issue free. The moral, that all creatures great and small deserve to be protected, yay environment, boo selfish pancake builders. It was cute, and it's great to watch with the kids. Parents won't be bored out of their brains, and the kids will enjoy it.

The Cheetah Girls 2:
Great music. Decent actresses. Fun Story. It's a disney channel original movie. I shouldn't even be admitting to watching it.

Ok, that's it for now. I plan to watch V for Vendetta in the next few days, and I really want to make it to theaters to see Tallidega Nights, Accepted, Little Miss Sunshine, Invincible, and maybe (just maybe) snakes on a plane

That's all for now
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