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I might watch a few Too Many Movies

I see Too Many Movies
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I See Too Many Movies.

This community has been started because I didn't want to make another LiveJournal. If anyone wants to join, fine. Greetings and Salutations. If anyone wants to keep an eye on it, fine. Read and Enjoy.
If anyone wants to ignore it... well, I get that.

I'll be discussing movies that I've seen. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this updated.

I work at blockbuster. I get 5 free rentals a week.
I can't rent anything that's come out in its first month, but I do get to rent things a week or more in advance.

I own over 300 DVDs.

I'm a big cinema-going fan.

If properly maintained, there should be at least a couple entries each week.
But I make no promises.

If you have any questions about movies (as long as it's not 'what's good?') I'm happy to try to answer them.

I have another community for playing Six Degrees of Seperation. It's called 6degrees_of_sep. It's not been used much lately, but I welcome anyone and everytone to join, post, and play.

Any questions, I'm fyiagcg.
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